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Vdub Campfest 2018 - Edition X

Written by Duncan Ward | Photography by CJ Levendal

The largest VW oriented show of the year has recently completed its 10th annual edition, and is showing no signs of slowing down, leaving its trademark waves throughout the scene for the past couple of weeks.

Without a doubt the most well-publicised and publicly anticipated build at Campfest was the show culmination of OrchidEuro’s Jamie Orr and his 3.6 V6 Citi Sport build, dubbed “The 5-Day Challenge” by organisers and fans alike. He and his team, composed of local enthusiasts, shop owners and some help from over the pond banded together and pulled the build just far enough out of the hat to drive it to Fest and then on to Uitenhage for a historic VW uber-roadtrip.

However, this impressive build was far from the main attraction at Campfest 2018. Some of the most well-known builders came out to show off the latest incarnations of their metal money pits, and in doing so created one of the most photo-friendly Campfests we have had to date.

Chadlin, who has graced our virtual pages several times before, arrived with not just one fully overhauled show car, but two! Custard, the yellow S3 we previously featured, received a lot of attention, from the wheel setup, to a completely revamped interior and flawless boot install showcasing the impeccable attention to detail displayed by one of the best in the air installation business, FS Projects, including some custom designed work by Revision.


Not only did he bring this previously featured car, but he opted also to bring the no longer cherry red Polo 6R, now freshly resprayed in a rich marine blue, complementing the immaculate finish on the new wheels. The Polo also boasted a revised air install, showing Chadlin’s commitment to keeping his rides freshly equipped at all times.

Another fan favourite was Blues’ bagged 2-door Mk1 built to Euro show standard, complete with a custom air install, SSR reverse mount 2-piece splits, a completely shaved and flushed engine bay housing a 2l 16v show engine running throttles. This little Golf actually proved itself a fearsome contender as it went on to win Best of Show against the far more modern Custard S3.

This year saw an increase in “stands”, i.e. sponsored tents, gazebos or similar setups with branding all over them. One notable stand was the Vag Café stand, which dominated an entire section of the show grounds by itself, and brought out an impressive array of German neckbreakers, including some unusual ABT kitted land-yachts and a couple of impressively Audi and VW hot hatches.

Despite the metal scenery, the resort chosen to host this year’s Campfest was the Warmbaths Forever Resort, a beautiful establishment which has the facilities and infrastructure to handle an event of this magnitude. The roads were mostly low car friendly save for a few speed bumps, which came into good use as the night went on and liquor began to lubricate the accelerator pedals of a few cars around the camping and chalet sites…

The venue and organisation were mostly impressive, although a temporary movement ban between areas caused some trouble for myself and some friends. We later discovered this was imposed as a result of some fighting which had occurred between day visitors and members of the public either camping or in chalets.

All in all, this year’s Campfest was one of the best organised and comfortable I’ve been to, but next time guys, please leave your rowdy second cousins in the trailer park and pull through.


Love Curly

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