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stance 'n chill - bullies_za

Coverage by CJ Levendal

So lock down came and somewhat went with things slowly but surely getting back to "normal". 2020 has been rough on us all especially the entertainment industry and show promoters took a heavy knock with all mass gatherings/events being cancelled due to the Covid19 Pandemic. So when word came that we were allowed back to doing what we love, the homies from Sip 'n Chill and BulliesZA wasted no time in preparing for their annual Stance 'n Chill show & shine event.

The venue of choice was at Dockside in the Port Elizabeth harbour which made for a dope setting with cargo ships and the sea in the background. It felt good to once again roam around among fellow enthusiasts both car koppe and photography nerds.


Port Elizabeth never slacks when it comes to delivering creative rides and good vibes, and this lockdown could not dampen the spirits of the people who came out to support their homie's builds and just simply have a lekker dop and a good party with friends.


Some of the stand out rides for me has to be Morty's Jumbo MK2 which sits perfectly on a set of 16x9" Lenso BSX wheels. (picture below). Another one that caught my eye was definitely the white Toyota Conquest which was in immaculate condition sitting sweetly on a set of 15" Dotz alloys. Best of Show went to the man Junior with the white bagged VW Scirocco on a set of Rotiform's.

Overall I enjoyed being back in my element and this event was the perfect way to kick start whatever sort of show season that might follow.

we will be posting more regularly so be ready to hear much more from us in upcoming months. Big thanks to the BullisZA and homies from Sip'nChill for having us we look forward to the next event.

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