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Slam City Tour 2k18

Coverage by CJ Levendal

Since the first day I started my stance photography journey Port Elizabeth (PE) has always had my attention, before it was even dubbed "Slam City", as we know it today. I could never pinpoint exactly why, but there was something different about the way the "Slam Citizens" approached their car scene. In my earlier days I travelled all over SA and it was evident that the rest of the country always took notice of the friendly city as well. What could it be though? Could it be their utter disregard for body or frame, as their goal was always to put the car on the floor by any means necessary, or maybe it was their particular sense of styling with colourful wheels, maybe it was the crazy amount of slammed VW Citi Golfs. Maybe it was simply a combination of all of these things and more.

However, things have changed a lot since the days of every other dude riding on 8J Compomotive replicas wrapped in 165/50R13's for those extra lows and stupid poke. Cut springs were replaced by coil-overs, which eventually made way for air suspension. While that seems like the natural progression any car scene would undergo, something different formed as a result, and sitting here writing this I'm thinking to myself what is it that really sets PE apart from every other car community in South Africa.


Along with the aforementioned, there's one particular aspect that stands out for me, the people. I know what you're thinking: “HA! GAAAAY” (insert Ken Jeong meme here). However there would be no community without the people and, seeing as we don't drive Autobots from another planet, the cars can't speak. I met the majority of the people I know in PE today through this small scene, and through all the ups and downs the stance community has had, it has been mostly upward progression.

From the days of the Mainstream Crew park-offs at Something Good parking, to the Low Company ‘LowLympics’ at Aldo Scribante to the LoveMore Stance events of today. It shows when people get along and support one another, things can only get better. This is clear to see in the Slam City scene and maybe I'm being a bit biased, but like I mentioned before I've spent enough time in all of SA's major cities but nowhere have I found a place that has a better mix of gorgeous cars, great vibes and awesome people than here in the friendly Slam City.


So with all that sentimental kak out of the way here is my Slam City Tour as captured through my lens. I attended an event, then a hook-up with a few of PE's finest and I got to do a shoot with a couple of my favourite rides from the event.

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nardi b by es-tech - Click here for the full story

As some of you may know, there exists a small operation of crazy people on the lower East coast of SA, armed with welding machines, angle grinders and set squares known as ES-Tech Custom Air Ride. We recently had the privilege of meeting the man who puts the “ES” in ES-Tech, Elroy Singh.

For quite some time, he has been plagued by a vision of a stanced mini-truck which could also handle itself around a drift track… somewhat inspired by the video of the Toyota drift bakkie bouncing around on the FaceTubes and YouBook.

He found himself unable to shake this yearning, and was also well aware that the biggest local show, ‘LoveMoreStance’ was less than 4 months away and he was still without a chariot to represent the ES-Tech stable. He had a modest pile of money that he had scraped together over some time, but it was not enough to build a full show car. His only immediate asset was a rusty, tired Nissan 1-tonner bakkie gathering dust in his garden... Read more

The hookup with camber inc.