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Words by Duncan Ward | Photography by CJ Levendal | Videography by Imaad Griffiths

Ameen Kariem's Widebody BMW E92 M3

BMW came out guns blazing when designing the E92 M3, taking its relatively sensible stable mate and re-imagining it as a ferociously angry quad-pipe V8, aptly described by Motor Trend journalist Arthur St. Antoine magazine as the result of “throwing a premium sedan and an F1 car in a blender.”

Our latest feature friend, Ameen, went a couple of steps further and decided to build his M into something special. We first laid eyes on this beast at the 2017 installment of "Only the fittest" and knew right away that we had to dissect this mechanical specimen on our cyber pages her at Southern Stance. Couple of days after the event we hooked up with the Ameen and the gang for a quick Sunday shoot up Chapman's Peak Drive. Imaad and CJ jumped in the trunk of Elliot's Polo basically begging to get pulled over by the cops, luckily for us nothing of the sorts transpired and it was all smooth sailing up the pass. We found a cool area along the road, pulled over and started shooting.

So how do you take the car known to many automotive critics as “the greatest all-round car in the world”, and make it better? You enlist the help of the wise sages at Liberty Walk to send you over a bespoke kit for your Bavarian battleship and you affix it to your car using as much Prestik as you can get your hands on (we are joking ofcourse).

Press play and enjoy an epic video by our homies over at SD Studios. Show some love and follow them on their various social accounts where you'll find some more epic local content such as this.

The kit fits like a glove, reflecting the years of experience the guys over at LB have in this game. However, as only as their kits can, it looks almost like a possible factory addition (something Ameen is a big fan of, as you’ll soon find out.)

He opted for the entire Liberty Walk kit, including the monstrous wheel arches, which span from the front bumper all the way to the side skirts and are composed of 3 separate sections, creating the iconic chunky DTM type style that the kits have become so famous for. The kit standing alone wouldn’t look the part for Ameen, so he added the mental Vorsteiner rear diffuser and near-horizontal boot spoiler to complete the aesthetic. The spoiler and the front splitter are both made of 5D carbon fibre, a certain type of wrap which employs a twill weave pattern with a glossy finish, adding new-gen levels of strength while keeping the nice classic look of fibre.

Ameen went all out when deciding on what size and width wheel he wanted to use, opting to widen and step up his replica Rotiform OZT’s to manic proportions : 10.5j with a 100mm dish upfront and 13.5j rears with a 130mm dish in the rear.

Overall this BMW does what it’s supposed to do which is turn heads and break necks, and Ameen has done well to add enough other significant choices which add to the aesthetic of the car without detracting from the race-inspired full package.

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