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Walter Wide

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Words by Duncan Ward | Photography CJ Levendal

An aesthetic previously confined to motorsport avenues such as DTM, Hillclimbs, TimeAttack cars and Euro Saloon racing, the ‘widebody/fender flare/overarch’ has taken the stance scene, and internet, by storm and shows no sign of slowing. This mod is a point of contention for some, with some petitioning for it to be banned, while others cannot wait to try it on their next narrow-hipped victim.

The thought of cutting up our pride and joy may seem like a nightmare to some, but to other enthusiasts, such as the spirited Iershaad Ismail, performing metallurgical surgery on his pristine Honda S2K was just the next logical step of progression in his build. Upon chatting to him, we discovered that cutting up the car to fit the fender fares was actually his favourite part of the build, so we advise all his closest friends and family to ensure he doesn’t get a hold of the scissors at the next social gathering…

His car has become more than an accessory to him, and as such he has poured obscene amounts of time, money, and sanity into the build. The word “custom” falls a little short when describing it, as the entire auxiliary kit, complementing the Circuit Garage fender flares, has been built either by hand or by manual processes (ie no pre-cast fit and forget parts here), an aspect Iershaad kindly helps people remember with some not-so-subtle ‘XModz Fibreworks – HANDBUILT’ stickers on the front flares.

In order to successfully blend the girthy custom flares into the overall dimensions of the rest of the car, he wisely opted for a HUGE Voltex wing, complete with the mandatory Internet-friendly meme caption on the wing, the punny “#LordoftheWings” letting you know he doesn’t take himself too seriously… just our kind of guy.

While the flares and wing obviously hog the eye when looking over the car, Iershaad has not been lazy with modifying it, relying on the shock value of the two to carry him through, but gone through the car meticulously and replaced any remnants of the stock S2K hiding somewhere underneath all the aftermarket bits. He is running a custom vented bonnet, custom rubber skirts to help keep the streets extra clean and a custom front splitter and lip.

The S2K has a mean mug from the front, which is exacerbated by the wide kit, but unlike some front heavy time-attack cars, this little Jap doesn’t really have a soft spot. The angry Jays rear diffuser combined with the monstrous dual HKS exhaust mean that from any angle it looks ready to tackle the Osaka Loop flanked by equally menacing Kanjozoku…

As the time-old saying goes, ‘the devil is in the details’. On a build like this with mods of such outrageous proportions, throwing dimensions out the window would seem to be the focus, not the minor touches, however, Iershaad is an enigma like that, and has left many subtle touches throughout the rest of the car to add that little bit extra that we are always looking for here at SouthernStance.

Something as simple as his custom shifter, from the mental crew at “We Are Likewise”, adds a level of pedigree in the interior, and shows the thought and effort put into the car. Ironically, it is the smallest details such as the shifter that often set a car apart from being just another widebody clone…

Another aspect that serves to distance this car from anything else like it is Iershaad’s choice of wheels, as he opted for a monumentally wide set of Work Equips replicas to suit the bulldog-like anatomy of his Honda, complete with mirror-polished dishes that a family of 4 could comfortably live in, satin grey faces and some gorgeous gold ‘hardware’. The wheels are 10.5j in front, and 12.5j in the rear… to put that in perspective for the non-wheel-whores out there, Golf steel wheels come 5.5j wide. Regardless, we think the Equips look better than welding two sets of steelies together to get that arch fill.

In the future he plans to leave the N/A life behind and go boosted, allowing him to get to more places quicker and show more stunned onlookers just how wide his S2K is.

We look forward to him gracing our pages again with the next step in this exhilarating build.

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