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The Katy Chronicles

Words by Duncan Ward | Photography by CJ Levendal

Neither Flippie nor his EK Civic, dubbed “Katy” need any introduction if you have a cellphone or any access to social media.

Flippie’s love for this little hatchback saw him undertake countless makeovers and reveals, a process which garnered huge amounts of attention, from both local car enthusiasts and international builders, owners and Honda fans who appreciated the Flippie’s attention to detail and utter devotion to Katy.

His highly anticipated reveals on social media, be it of a new colour, new wheel or an addition to the ever-evolving engine bay, spread like wildfire. Shared far and wide, and with the follower count to match, the world responded to the effort that he had invested in Katy with adoration.

No more teary eyes about what could have been though, as in an interview with us at SouthernStance, Flippie summed up his feelings about the car, noting his reason for selling as “breaking the chain”.

He feels he has done all he set out to with the car, and so it became stale for him and provided no challenge, something which he admitted is a major driving factor in his builds.

He is driven by the challenge something offers, and openly stated that he will undoubtedly buy the car back at a later stage, to set himself new challenges and smash those.

He has numerous memories of Katy, as so do we, having followed her through all her stages, setups, wheel combos, colours and anything else Flippie did to keep her interesting. However, his all-time favourite memory was when he graced the pages of a well-known local automotive publication, having promised his friends many years earlier “One day I’m going to make it into the magazine.”

He admits that at the time Katy was a rather plain stock silver, and looked “boring” in his own words, but dropped an unexpected truth bomb on us during our chat when he said that one should “never forget where you came from”, a sentiment which hits close to home for us here at SS!

The changes, of which there were too many to remember, came not from the usual standpoint of trying to “kill the scene”, “change the game” or anything similar, but rather from Flippie’s innate character. He is one part A.D.D, one part intensely driven to succeed, and has a sprinkle of crazy on top. Stir that together, let it sit for some time and you’ll see why Katy underwent the number of transformations she did. Quick example of the aforementioned crazy sprinkles – Flippie, in order to test the engine of the Civic, opted not for a drive around the neighbourhood, or even a dyno, but instead packed a bag and his brother into the Honda and floored it from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and of all places to enjoy the big city lights, headed to The Rock Raceway.

He drew inspiration from a friend of his, Keegan, who at the time had an EK with air at the front and coilovers at the rear. From that moment onwards, Flippie knew what he wanted to build.

Katy started off life static slammed, throwing sparks every day anywhere she could, Flippie then tired of this set up and opted for air to go lower before eventually going back to static when he decided to go with a race-inspired. He worked on his fitment at the same time, creating the unforgettable combo of a Royal Blue paint job, aggressive body kit, slammed frame and super-wide 10j Equips. His fitment at this period, arguably Katy’s best incarnation, received widespread acclaim and praise, being featured everywhere from US Honda pages to FittedUK, who opted to send Flippie a care package, setting social media in the SA car scene on fire, considering how many “LORDS” we see on a daily basis. He told us that although this phase was one of his favourites, the chocolate brown paint job and ultra gold BBS RS wheels was his personal favourite, with the current yellow paint as a very strong contender.

Flippie is happiest with his current colour however, explaining that he chose the colour as it is known as one of the trickiest colours to master. At any stage from colour selection to mixing to application, a miniscule mistake can throw off your selected shade and then you end up with a car that’s just off enough to annoy you. However, this was no match for Flippie, as he proudly let on that he thinks he has chosen the perfect yellow for the Civic, and we can’t help but to agree.

Flippie was invited to showcase his master piece at OTF 2015, which was one of, if not the most memorable car event we have ever attended. Katy was an absolute show-stopper, and was easily the most photographed car of the day, blowing the whole “Jap vs Ger” debate right out of the water, proving that all it comes down to is build quality. Neither make, model, nor price can earn your car the sort of respect Katy and Flippie have grown to enjoy.

Speaking of respect, Flippie managed to land every car guy’s dream deal to keep his beloved car how he wants it but not resort to stealing bread or selling drugs to afford it. His brother, Rudolph, agreed to buy Katy from him (cash!), but vowed not to change the car’s aesthetic, and only tastefully improve upon what Flippie has created. In her current race guise, Katy was set to receive a snail sometime soon, but Flippie never got round to doing it, so hopefully that’s still in the pipeline.

Unfortunately, as most of us know, our cars are a great source of entertainment, pleasure and relaxation (at times), and so when they are sold, it is easy to feel as if something is missing from your life. Flippie admitted that one thing he sorely misses is being able to get home from work and get straight into the garage to tackle some problem or strip the Civic, sometimes even for fun. He knew Katy inside and out and could diagnose problems by ear, whereas in his new chariot, a burnt orange Focus ST, the drive to strip the car is no longer there.

Some of Flippie's previous takes on the infamous "Katy" - check him out on instagram @flippie_viljoen27 for his daily shenanigans.

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