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Purple Reign

Words by Duncan Ward // Photography by CJ Levendal

On this extra cold winter’s day, we here at SouthernStance decided to bring the heat to keep our loyal readers from freezing. We recently met up with Amish to take a look through his extra-built Mk5 GTi. This build manages to stand out in a scene which is saturated with stance builds, and that is easier said than done. This GTi exemplifies the true essence of a build, which is seen in Amish leaving no aspect of the car untouched, to create the type of car where the build thread is 18 pages long.

When you first look at the car, the most obvious addition which grabs your attention are the custom purple Oz Pegasus wheels, complete with gold hardware right round. The offsets, width, and aspect ratio were all carefully measured and chosen to ensure tight fitment, and as those with a sharp eye will spot, Amish has fitment about as tight as you can get, complete with ruined fender stickers for proof. The wheels, however, are just the beginning of the modifications on this car.

Amish also opted for a full air suspension system, and chose quality right off the bat. He is running AirLift’s Slam Series right round, with Accuair management and dual Viair compressors, and this enables him to sit just the way he wants, complete with ultra-tight fender-lip fitment.

Despite the obscene amount of mods, Amish has managed to keep the exterior and overall look of the car neat and tidy, but menacing. He kept it OEM by choosing a GT centre grille and R-Line lower grilles over the honeycomb mesh that the GTi usually comes with.

He managed to get his hands on an OEM Votex front spoiler, and paired this with the iconic R32 rear, along with some monstrous 101mm pipes.

The Mk5 has its mean face on all the time, as Amish murdered out the front of the car, which just serves to offset the luminous glow of the Nokayya yellow brights perfectly.

He scores some scene points with us too for the teal blue boost gauge sitting pretty on the A-pillar.

Now on to the heart and soul of the build, the sound system. Just kidding, let’s take a look at what’s under the hood. With so much attention paid to the rest of the car, and Amish modifying small elements which all add up to set the car miles apart from any similar build, it would be ludicrous to expect any laziness in the engine bay. Amish held nothing back on the motor, and started off with the already impressive GTi platform, and added on to it to propel it way past any limitations the stock motor may have had. The car was sent to the guys at Revo, who tuned it up to their Stage 3 specifications, extracting the maximum amount of power from the 2.0l 4-cylinder engine. But Amish is not one to do things in half-measures and so chose to also upgrade the stock turbo, injectors and cooler to an S3 turbo, S3 injectors and an S3 intercooler. The car breathes through an ITG intake and a custom downpipe and exhaust. Amish also installed a methanol injection system, and IE rods and pistons to take strain off the stock internals.

From the seemingly never-ending list of mods, it is easy to see that this car is in a league all of its own, even if that is all you judge the car by. But it is when you look past the bare specs that you start to see what Amish was aiming to build, and how his vision and ultimate dedication to the car allowed him to build something truly unique, and create something memorable. Hats off Mr. Raga, for raising the bar.

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