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Pineapple Express

Words by Duncan Ward | Photography by CJ Levendal

We know most of you must be relishing the chance to set your eyes on something that isn’t red, white, blue or orange right now, so we went for a lovely yellow with no stars or stripes to get your minds off things and take a look at one of the most comprehensive and thoroughly well-put together builds our soil has to offer.

Chadlin April fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, and is currently piloting chartered flights all over SA. This line of work sends him to all corners of the country, and, as he hails from the mysterious land of Boksburg, this opened him to new experiences and broadened his horizons which is reflected in his latest work of art, Custard. Having already created a monstrous boosted ABF Citi Golf, and a certain cherry bomb Polo 6 that some of you may have seen lurking around our page, he set his sights on his biggest build so far, an Audi S3 8p2.

As a man who owns many cars, Chad’s initial idea was to create a toy out of Custard, something to have fun with at the track, or to shut down a noisy VVL at the occasional robot-to-robot and keep the East Cartel banner flying high. Chad is a guy who seems to have his priorities in order, and in following with this he set to work on the engine first. A visit was made to Revo and their long fingers upgraded the S3 to a stage 2 kit. An Evoms cold air intake was added, and she terrorizes the Boksburgers through a Milltek downpipe ending in a 76mm exhaust. A Loba high pressure fuel pump was installed to ensure she never runs out of juice, and a WOT Box launch control system was installed to make sure the launches Chad planned in his manual monster were put into reality. Chad injected some Jesse Pinkman into Custard’s veins with a Devil’s Own progressive water/meth kit, adding another layer of depth of customization to an already incredibly comprehensive and extensive build. The S3’s stock coil packs were replaced with R8 coil packs, for maximum scene points whenever her bay is opened. The OEM throttle pipe left something to be desired and so was replaced with a CTS throttle and discharge pipes. The intricate details are what sets this car apart, and Chad even took the time to replace the caps of the water bottle, oil filler, and washer bottle with Forge caps, for that extra touch. Most of these goodies sit tucked under an Audi TTS engine cover, away from prying eyes and spec-hunters.

From the outside, it is clear that Chad was now aiming for something special with Custard, and his inability to leave anything stock was beginning to show too, and we’re so glad it did. Her exterior was sharpened up with an extensive array of parts hunted from a variety of VAG models, such as an RS3 aluminium grill and lip, RS3 side mirrors and a Bluetooth shark aerial from a Golf 6R. He opted to delete the rear wiper, because up until yesterday, it had never rained in Boksburg. The air damps and rear diffuser went piano black, wrapping up an incredibly subtle suite of mods to the S3’s already shapely body.

Chad went straight for fitment with Custard, and as such he got himself a set of OEM 18” 3sdm ‘0.04’ wheels, staggered to 8.5j in the front, and 9.5j in the rear. In order to get enough stretch to top up his very full Scene Point Bank balance, Chad squeezed some 215/35 Nexen tyres on to Custard’s new shoes.

As we know by looking at Megan the Polo 6R, Chad does have a soft spot for air, but originally, Custard was rolling static, on some Koni coilovers. However, after living in P.E for a few months, ‘Slam City’ lived up to its name and the stance scene became too appealing for Chad to resist. He approached the Capestance crew to get Custard on air, and never looked back. While a spec list will never truly convey modifications accurately, the list of air components installed on Custard is pretty much the most all-inclusive shopping list for someone wanting to go the air route. With the Capestance guys on board, they set about installing a top of the range air install, consisting of Airlift struts and Accuair management. After this, the parts came marching two by two, as two Viair dual needle gauges, two 444cc Viair compressors and two 5-gallon tanks were installed, linked up with 8mm air lines and custom rear arms for some extra lows. A custom boot installation, complete with sound and the air tanks was added, bringing the audiovisual and air package together in a satisfactory manner.

Chad sits comfy in Custard, not only because she’s fast, low, and pretty, but because his Midas touch extended into the interior as well. The shades inside contrast nicely to the Ultra-Mel exterior, with Coral Maroon leather found throughout the car. Some soft LED interior lights invite you in, and a set of Recaro seats from an RS4 hug you once inside.

Chad has once again knocked it out of the park with this build, and while we can’t wait to see what’s next for Custard or Megan, we can’t help but wonder whether he has another build up his sleeve…

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