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Family Ties

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Charl & Maxine Hahn's VW Scirocco & Mk7 Golf R

Words by Duncan Ward | Photos by CJ Levendal

Social media has been ablaze with car-related activity recently, with an unintentional flurry of car meets, shows and park offs happening in the stance universe. Our very own long-legged, ring-wearing, lens-swapping photographer made the trip to the town formerly known as Port Elizabeth to collect some digital monikers and share them with our fans.

Squad Battles was the perfect talent show, allowing CJ the chance to slither around the unique venue looking for fresh meat to park in front of his all-seeing lens. He quickly landed his goggles on an ice-white duo, namely a Scirocco & Mk7 Golf R.

To his fascination, this turned out to be a pigeon pair, husband & wife set up, with the Scirocco belonging to Charl and the 7R belonging to his lovely lady, Maxine. It is not often that you come across a couple with a built ride to each of their names respectively.

Under the hood of the Scirocco is a 2.0 TSi, but boasting stage 2 APR software, a down pipe, a fully built exhaust with a Leyo Motorsport intake. For any of you VAG lords out there who may not know, Leyo Motorsports prides itself on providing hardware products specifically designed for the VAG group, engineered to maximize performance while still retaining factory reliability from your car. The mods aren’t all just for the business side of things, as there is also a tasteful smattering of carbon skinned parts including the engine cover, battery cover and fuse box cover to bring some uniformity and a touch of class to the engine bay.

We are a huge fan of Charl’s choice in wheels, as he decided to put his money where his mouth is and fit a set of Rotiform TUF to the Roc, and no, not the kind that you get from Klerksdorp.

The level of attention to detail and motto of leaving nothing untouched extends to the interior, where a full boot install takes pride of place, and no half-measures have been taken here either, as you can see by Charl’s dedication to a back-seat delete. In its place a roll cage has been fitted, neatly tucked behind some Recaro wingback front seats, which in turn sit squarely facing a carbon steering wheel, complete with some epic carbon fibre goodies in the wheel. Leyo Motorsport’s touch is never too far from this car, and they pulled through supplying a gear knob and paddle shifters to round off the build inside.

By now, you should know that Charl is not a fan of leaving things stock, and staying true to fashion he had some custom front bumpers fitted, and scored major points in our books by completing the kit with side skirts, a rear wing and making the tasteful choice of raiding some parts from the Roc’s stablemate, scoring an RS3 diffuser to house the RS3 tail pieces.

He is immensely proud of the boot setup, as he should be. To have one element of a car that has been built to this standard still stand out despite being awash in a sea of high-quality mods is testament to the magic that air installs still hold over us mortal stance-folk.

He recalled fondly getting those trademark butterflies when fetching the car from East London at CS AirWorx and seeing it air out for the 1st time. As do most builders, he has plenty ideas in the pipeline for the Roc, but has decided to invoke his right to remain silent for now, but hey, we tried. He graciously gave us one rather large clue when it comes to future plans: more carbon fibre. We’re not sure what he means by that, it may be a cryptic way of letting us in on the 1.4i swap this Roc is about to undergo, who knows... #1stinSA

Speaking of 1sts in SA, Charl’s right-hand lady Maxine has the enviable position of not needing to ride her husband’s coattails when it comes to attention, because she has her very own eye-catching piece fully deserving of a write-up on its own. But for the sake of brevity, we decided to get them together and give you a treat.

The 7R bay houses its stock engine, a 2.0 TSi, a IS38, Stage 1 APR software with the obligatory downpipe and a Leyo Motorsport intake just to keep things symmetrical.

Maxine held the family name high and chose a set of Rotiform DTMs, an elegant wheel not seen very often. And although it makes me sad to have to clarify this, yes, they are real.

In the cockpit she has opted to retain a mostly standard Golf 7R interior, and who can blame her, seeing as they are one of the comfiest models to come out of the Golf line. No build in this family can escape the inevitable though, and so Leyo Motorsport paddle shifters make an appearance just to remind you this car is far from stock.

CS AirWorx made it 2 from 2 by knocking it out the park with the Golf’s boot install, perfectly hitting the sweet spot between tech-visible and tucked.

The Mk7 sports a custom front lip, side skirts, diffuser, Thule roof racks and Clubsport wing, adding just enough to the exterior of this already aggressively styled car while steering well clear of going full Max Power. As the great Kirk Lazarus said in Tropic Thunder: “Everybody knows you never go full Max Power.” Maxine then let us in on a little secret, that when she switches into mom mode, she has a full-size Thule Roof box as an accessory. Doesn’t she know those are not meant for storage, and are strictly supposed to be fitted for photo shoots and then removed?

Maxine then shared with us her favourite memory of the car, and it sounded quite familiar by this time, which was when it pulled up in her yard fresh out of CS AirWorx’s shop ready to lay frame.

She decided to play her cards a little closer to her chest than Charl, telling us that we’ll just have to wait and see what lies in the future for her and the Mk7, but rest assured when we know, you’ll know.

To view in full screen and or download the high res images simply click on any of the pictures and start scrolling.

Once again, thanks for reading.

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