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Germany VS Japan - South Side Crew

Southside crew once again took charge of hosting this year's installment of Germany vs Japan. After weeks of anticipation we got ourselves camera strapped and off we went to Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg to see how things would go down.


This was by far the best attended #gervsjap I've been to, cars and people everywhere you looked, which made my life beyond difficult. With that being said we never even got close to covering everything we wanted to, never the less we got some awesome shots of Jozi's finest builds at the moment and we made sure we had a great time catching up and soaking in the show day vibes.


Warren Rodger's 3 Rotor Mazda RX7, Tony's widebody BMW E30 and the swiss air Polo 6 with that "fvck you" fitment were some of the stand outs amongst others. (there are too many) We salute everyone that played a role in making the day a success and we look forward to more events such as these, next time we will be a little more prepared (you'd think we had this down by now, LOL).


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