Southern Stance is a creative platform founded in the summer of 2012. It began with a vision and our team of creative minds, who shared the goal of providing the automotive scene with coverage of the utmost quality, through engaging storytelling and beautiful imagery.

We put out great content week in and week out, but most importantly manage to get along and have fun in doing so. Though some may consider the content we create as art, it fulfills a need at the same time, a need to showcase the talent and expertise in the car customization scene, of which there is an abundance. By finding the perfect balance between commercial interests, coverage and our works of passion, we hope to become one of the most recognized brands within this ever-growing culture. 

Our team's experience and skill set is varied, ranging from photography, editing, graphic design, journalism to user interface design. We are fueled by our passion for what we do, and believe that we have what it takes to set ourselves apart from our competitors and make us a success. Our brand is constantly growing and improving, and we will strive to provide only the very best content to those who support us.

We have all kinds of merchandise, downloadable features, images, wallpapers and more, some released and others still to come. Ideally we would like to become a household name when discussing matters of stance, cars, builds, coverage or shows in SA and across the globe. 

Just like our team, our coverage spans across the country, wherever there are displays of ingenuity, stance, quality builds and aggressive wheel fitment. Although it is a relatively new field in South Africa, it is arguably the fastest growing subculture in the country, attracting thousands of fans to the site every month. This steadily strengthening group of enthusiasts is beginning to take global inspiration and create world-class builds and we are all too happy to give them the publicity and recognition that they deserve.

Ultimately, this is our ethos; bringing our homegrown talent to the world in a professional and neatly polished package. To stay updated with the newest features, builds, events and news, visit our homepage, as well as our bustling social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to visit our downloads page for any content you may want to take with you and head on over to our YouTube channel for some lengthy cinematography to blow your mind.

Again, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing your build on our pages soon!